vldPersonals has reached the end-of-life cycle. See how to upgrade to our new and much improved product.

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Maintenance update 2.7.3

New update is now available that includes support for PHP v7+. You may find new software files in the downloads area.

Maintenance update 2.7.2

New update is now available that improves security and stability of your site. You may find new software files in the downloads area.

Maintenance update 2.7.1

We’ve released a new maintenance update that takes care of some small issues that were reported since the last release. None of those issues were critical so you may have not even noticed them. You may find new software files in the downloads area.

New version 2.7

This new update brings even more features to the table and take vldPersonals a step further making it one of the best (if not the best) solution for dating and social networking sites. (more…)

New version 2.6

This update brings some of the most asked features along with several tweaks to improve user experience. (more…)

Free privacy policy generator

A privacy policy is a document that discloses some or all of the ways to your website vistors about what you will do with information gathered from them, how you are gathering that information and how the information will be stored and managed. Any website should have a privacy policy, and if your websites uses third party services for serving ads or processing payments, then you are pretty much required to have one. Not having an accurate privacy policy can expose your business to liability in a number of different ways.

GeneratePrivacyPolicy.com is our new service that allows you to create free professional privacy policies in just a few minutes. Privacy policy agreements are tailored specifically for your website, your business and your requirements.

New version 2.5.7

This update brings quite a few features to vldPersonals that make your site more efficient and user friendly. (more…)

New version 2.5.6

This is a minor update that nevertheless brings some really cool features to vldPersonals. (more…)

Two new templates added

We’ve added 2 new templates for you to choose from. Existing clients as always can get them for free from the downloads area.

New look

As you may have noticed we have updated our main website to help us with managing vldPersonals presence and community. Most of the content has remained the same for now. One of the notable changes includes our forum that is from now on accessible only to paying clients. Users without vldPersonals license will no longer be able to make posts, however they may still browse through it. If you have any questions, as always feel free to contact us.