Enabling USA zip code search

Upload USA zip codes database

The first step is to get the actual USA zip codes database from our download area. After that follow the update procedure as described here. Start from step 5 however.

Create a profile field

Next we need to create a profile field that would store members zip codes. Log into the control panel and switch to “settings - custom fields”. Select a profile group of your choice and click on “add field”. The only requirements here are that you set this field's label to “uszip” and its type to “text. Fill out the rest as you prefer.

Don't forget to set “load in search” to “yes” so your members will actually be able to take advantage zip code search feature. Once done, click on “submit” to create this field.

Enable USA zip code search

While in the control panel, switch to “settings - content - search” screen. Here you will see an option called “Enable US zip code search”. Set it to “yes” and you're good to go!