Integrating a forum

Installing your forum

First step is obviously forum installation. At the moment vldPersonals supports the following forum boards: vBulletin, phpBB2, phpBB3, punBB and Vanilla. Follow your forum installation guide to set it up. Keep in mind though that your forum must reside on the same domain as your vldPersonals installation. For example if vldPersonals is installed at, then forum can be installed at but cannot be installed at

Enabling integration

Once your forum is installed, you can enable it in vldPersonals. To do that, login to the control panel and go to “settings » integrations” and click on your forum name in the “categories” box and set “enable” to “yes”. Please note that some forums have a setting called “enable automatic logins” or “enable persistent cookies” (names may slightly vary), this setting must be enabled.

Database settings

If you have specified a table prefix or installed your forum into a database different than vldPersonals, make sure you fill in the remaining of the fields.

Testing integration

Now we need to check if everything works as it should. In vldPersonals control panel, go to “utilities » update counters” and synchronize the databases. The system will copy all members you have in vldPersonals to your forum. Once done, go to your forum and check if the number of members matches that in vldPersonals. If it does, everything worked correctly and you can try logging out and back in. If the number of members does not match, go through the above settings again and double check them.

Post integration notes

You should disable the login function and member registration in your forum as it will be handles by vldPersonals. Any members who register through vldPersonals will be automatically created in your forum. Thus if in the future you choose to use your forum as a stand alone site, you can easily do that since all members have fully functioning forum accounts.