Integrating OpenInviter

Installing OpenInviter

First step is to download and install OpenInviter. You must install it in “includes/modules/openinviter” folder. Follow its official installation instructions.


Open OpenInviter's “config.php” file and set the value of “cookie_path” to point to your “includes/cache” folder. Make sure to provide the full path to the folder, for example ”/home/john/includes/cache”

Enabling integration

Once installed, you can enable it in vldPersonals. To do that, login to the control panel and go to “settings » content modules » friend invites”. Find a setting called “enable openinviter” and set it to “yes”.

Testing integration

Now we need to check if everything works as it should. On the front end of your site click on “invite friends” and see if drop down box with selection of email services and social networks shows up.