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vldPersonals is packed with useful features that enable you to quickly and painlessly configure and manage every aspect of your website. Be sure to give our free online demo a test drive too.

User Features

  • Personal photosEach member can upload a profile photo that will be displayed just like an avatar on the website in various places such as search results, friends lists, favorites lists, etc.
  • Photo albumsMembers can create multiple photo albums and upload their pictures. Each album can be optionally password protected or set to be viewable only by members listed as friends.
  • Video sharingMembers can either upload their own videos, or include them from third party video sites such as youtube.com, vimeo.com, etc. If members upload their own videos, they can be automatically encoded into web compatible format.
  • Profile searchSearch members by various profile fields using simple or advanced search modes. Members can filter through search results by various criteria as well as save them in their accounts.
  • Music uploadsMembers can upload music files to your site to express their moods as well as rate music tracks uploaded by others.
  • Instant messagingvldPersonals comes with a built in chat that allows your members to chat with each other in real time.
  • Private messagingYour members can communicate with each other via private messages. This ensures members privacy as none of their contact data is revealed.
  • Message templatesMembers can select from multiple private message templates if they’re not sure what to say or how to start off the conversation.
  • Quick messagesMembers can send each other pre-defined messages, such as winks, smilies, etc in case they want to start off the conversation but aren’t sure how to.
  • Profile visitorsSystem automatically remembers each visitor to member profiles so that your members can make new friends by checking who viewed them and when.
  • Friends networkingMembers can keep track of each other by listing themselves as friends. They will then easily see if their friends are online and can instantly chat with them. Further more, members can choose to make their profiles or media available only to their friends.
  • FavoritesYour members will never lose another profile that their liked by adding it to the favorites list. Unlike friends, favorite members do not require approval to be added to another member’s favorites list. Members can also optionally view who added them to favorites list.
  • Profile and content ratingKeep track of popular content such as profile, pictures, videos, etc by allowing members to rate what they like. Members can optionally disable rating if they don’t want anyone rating their content.
  • CommentsAllow your members to engage with the community by leaving comments for pretty much anything. To keep it flexible members can choose not to enable comments if they don’t want anyone commenting on their content.
  • BlogsYour members can write their own blogs and upload pictures to share their stories, thoughts or anything else of their choosing. Latest blogs can also be displayed on the single public blogs page.
  • GuestbooksMembers can leave comments for someone’s profile in their guestbook (or profilew all). Optionally members can choose to approve each comment before it’s shown on their public profile.
  • Virtual giftsMake it fun with virtual gifts that allow your members to express themselves and engage in social interaction. Gifts can be free or priced by virtual credits.
  • Block listOption to block members to prevent them from sending you private messages and completely blocking them from your profile.
  • Friend inviterThis convenient feature allows your members to invite their friends to join your site. A great tool for boosting your member database. If you have referrals feature enabled, members will also earn credits for each new person they refer.
  • EventsYour members can create their own events, upload event pictures and manage guest list. Each event will be displayed in member profiles and event calendar so other members can always find and join them.
  • Privacy settingsVarious privacy settings allow members to choose what content can be viewed by other members and who can view it.
  • Email notificationsSystem will notify members of new private messages, friend requests and other important information via emails.

Site Features

  • Customizable profile fieldsYou can add, edit and remove profile fields as you like and organize them into groups. Each profile field can be of a different type such as drop down box, text box, etc. You can also choose what pages to display the fields on.
  • Multiple profile typesYou can create multiple profile types if you plan on having more than one type of users. For example you can have a certain set of profile fields for painters, and a different set for musicians.
  • Profile search configurationSpecify what profile fields to display on the simple and advanced search forms. System will then automatically display them on your site.
  • Registration delayPrevent duplicate registrations by limiting how many members can register with the same IP address during a certain time period.
  • Member approval systemYou can choose to require members to verify their emails before they can use your site. You can also choose to automatically approve members accounts, or review each account manually.
  • Unwanted words filterYou can set up the word filters to keep your website safe and secure. System will make sure to filter all possible content including private messages, profiles, chats, blogs, guestbooks, etc.
  • Automatic picture resizingSpecify preferred dimensions for members pictures and system will automatically resize them and create thumbnails. This will ensure consistent browsing and will also help you save on bandwidth costs.
  • Watermark brandingYou can choose to optionally place your logo or any other watermark on uploaded pictures and videos. By branding members media content you can rest assured that no other website will steal your members media files.
  • SmiliesYour members can include smilies in their messages, comments and other places in order to personalize their messages even more.
  • Content reportingAny content on the website can be reported by your members to quickly and effectively fight spammers or abusive content. Reports summary can be optionally emailed to you daily.
  • Build in media playerYour members can view uploaded videos and listen to music right on your website using the build-in media player without having to download any third party software.
  • FeedbackFeedback form is available for your members to be able to contact you with questions, suggestions, comments and any other information.
  • Advanced anti-spam protectionThe unique anti-spam protection allows you to block entire countries from accessing your site or virtually block member interaction. For example system will never deliver any messages sent by members from blocked countries, thus making them lose interest in your site and move on elsewhere.
  • Multi-language interfaceYou can optionally run your site in multiple languages at the same time. Members will be able to choose their preferred language which will apply to everything, including emails, custom pages, news, etc. RTL (right to left) text direction is also supported and automatically enabled if member selects certain languages that require it.
  • Automatic submissions prevensionStop automatic content submissions by using captcha feature on your site. It requires members to type in security code before making submissions.
  • European and american time formatsSpecify preferred system time format for your site. Your members also have the option to choose their preferred time format in their accounts.
  • Payment gatewaysMembers can make payments using credit cards through these supported payment gateways: AlertPay, Authorize.net, CashU, CCBill, Pagamento Digital, PayFast, PayPal, PayPal Pro, WorldPay and 2CheckOut.com. Other payment gateways can also be integrated if required.
  • Seamless forum integrationvldPersonals can be automatically integrated with several popular forum boards to allow your members communicate with each other. Supported forums include phpBB2, phpBB3, vBulletin3, Vanilla and punBB boards. Integration is seamless and doesn’t require your members to register or login twice.
  • SMS billingIn addition to credit card payments, you can also charge members through SMS messages using these supported payment gateways: Allopass, Fortumo, OneBip. Other SMS payment gateways can also be integrated if required.
  • Members referralsWith the integrated referral feature your members can refer their friends to your site and earn credits. Upon earning a certain amount of credits, members can optionally receive premium membership at no cost for a limited time.
  • Premium membershipMembers can upgrade their accounts to premium membership to gain access to more features, higher limits, and other options set up by the administrator.
  • Virtual credits systemMembers can purchase virtual credits which can be spent on sending each other gifts, sending private messages, creating events, etc.
  • Search friendly URLs and contentGain more traffic to your website by attracting users from search engines. vldPersonals uses many techniques to make your site search engine friendly.
  • Google sitemapSystem will automatically generate search engine friendly sitemap of your site. This will ensure that sure none of the pages are missed during the scan.
  • Template based layoutsAll templates are in plain HTML code and are fully customizable. Whether you’re looking for a minor change or complete redesign, you can do it all.
  • Extensions and modulesExtensions allow you to extend main software functionality without having to modify its core files for quick and easy modifications.

Administrator features

  • Multiple member groupsMember groups help you separate members based on their membership level, such as free members, paid or gold members, etc. You can create as many different member groups as you need.
  • Customizable member permissionsYou can customize each member group to allow your members various permissions and limits. For example you can allow paying members to upload twice as many pictures, or increase the size of their private message box.
  • Website managementYour entire website can be managed through the user friendly control panel. All members, media content, news, custom pages, settings, etc can be managed, reviewed and configured via the control panel.
  • Member and content moderationYou can choose to review all new members and uploaded media content before they go live on your site. You can also review reports submitted by your members to quickly identify spammers and abusive content.
  • Paid memberships and virtual creditsCreate various paid membership and virtual credit packages with different terms and pricing. You can create as many membership packages as you like right in the control panel which will then be available for your members.
  • Trial membershipsIf you decide to offer paid memberships, you can also choose to offer trial memberships to your new members as a bonus during the registration. For example you can offer all new members 30 days of free membership.
  • NewslettersSend out newsletters and mass private messages to your members right in the control panel. You can choose to filter your recipients based on various profile data. Create newsletter templates and keep track of sent newsletters in case you would like to resend them again.
  • PollsYou can set up unlimited questions and answers in the control panel for gathering public stats. You can also run multiple polls at once. Members can leave their votes without having to wait while the page refreshes. After the vote, results are instantly shown on the page.
  • Banner managementCreate and manage banners right in the control panel of your website. Organize banners into groups so that system could automatically rotate them. System will track how many times each banners has been viewed and clicked on so you can see which banners are performing well.
  • Order managementAll orders are processed automatically without you having to do anything. Optionally you can create and process orders manually in case someone decides to pay you with a check, cash or some other offline payment method and it will be automatically recorded in the system.
  • News articlesPost site related news articles for your members or make announcements with the news feature. Friendly WYSIWYG editor allows effortless news editing right in the control panel. RSS feed of latest news is also available.
  • Custom pagesCreate unlimited number of static pages on your website to post additional content to your members, such as FAQ, About Us, etc. You can also organize pages into groups for better management.
  • System statisticsKeep track of how busy your website is with our detailed graphical charts and statistics. Review your website’s activity over different periods of time.
  • Database backupUse the build-in utility to back up your database right through the control panel.

and much much more! It’s impossible to list everything vldPersonals has to offer you. Thus the best way to experience all features is to check out the demo and try it all yourself. It’s free!