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Our dating software is a ready-made solution with a complete set of features to start and run a successful online business within shortest time possible.

Core advantages for you are minimal time & money expenses at initial stage, no specific programming knowledge required for site maintenance and a lot of possibilities to get profit online. There are millions of people who are looking for a date, soul mate, partner or a relationship in general. You can give them all a place where they can connect and find that they want.

Dating facts

  • 70% of singles say online dating today is more mainstream, compared to a few years ago
  • 59% of users said that in order to meet someone they are likely or very likely to join an online dating service, compared with 29% two years ago
  • 53% of men and 48% of women cite the convenience of online dating as a reason why they would be likely to join this service
  • More than 80% of both males and females say that online dating is safer than meeting someone at a bar

Keys of success

  • Solid technology base
  • Public presentation that converts
  • Proper marketing

vldPersonals already provides the first 2 points, so what are you waiting for? Invest today and let our product help you profit tomorrow!

Monthly gross income estimates

For your attention we are offering a table of monthly gross income estimates. These are approximate estimates of income you can get from your site if you charge membership fee.

Membership fee $

Number of members 100 500 1000 2500 5000 7500 10000
Monthly income $495 $2,475 $4,950 $12,375 $24,750 $37,125 $49,500
Yearly income $5,940 $29,700 $59,400 $148,500 $297,000 $445,500 $594,000

Above is an example of pricing used in many online dating sites and services. Imagine as membership grows the revenue stream possibilities. Do not take these figures as a matter of fact. One can't get such income just setting paying membership without efforts.