Topic: how to make you own templates (for beginners)

before you try to make you own templates you need some knowledge about html and css.
and even knowledge how to change yours tpl files. This tutor is only for beginners.
Ofcource you can make a new one but it is very hard and it will be a tutor about it later ...

and think about I write this tutorial only for beginners so don´t think I´m stupid then I explain the tutor step by step for the beginners ... please you must wait for the next tutorials for the more advanced members smile

okey now we start the tutorial ...

1. the best and easiest way is to duplicate a template ... from vldpersonal ...
( and you must know every time vldpersonal have a update you must do this change manually on yours templates)
2. first you must have write down on a paper that colors you will have on your site ...don´t ignore it !!!
( webdesigner write down on a paper that colors images and change they will have before they make a new templates or they don´t but then it take very long time to make a templates ...)

that should I think about before I start
don´t worry about  this I will explain it all for you later ...

a. that images/text logo you will have (maybee you need to make a new one on photoshop)
b. should I have headerimage/headercolors ... or only make it with css ... or both
c. should I have backgrundsimage/backgroundscolors ... or only make it with css ... or both
d. should I have sidebarsimage/sidebarscolors ... or only make it with css ... or both
e. should I have footerimage/footercolors ... or only make it with css ... or both

and now how the templates is build
* the template is build in this way ...*
*header on the top 
*sidebar on the left or right
*content on the middle
*footer on the bottom

some other thing you need to think about
1. will you have different frontpage for logged in members and logged out members ...
2. maybee you need a nice background behind your site templates ...
3. that colors you need I recommend red/pink blue/gray colors in the templates (pastelcolors)
4. you maybee need more functions you can change from controlpanel ...
5. should you have text buttons or real buttons ...
6. do you need a shoutbox (chat) in the frontpage ...
7. slideshow of your members profile pictures ...
8. and this is the most important ... you must get your site being attractive for your members ...
( that I mean is a nice logo and a nice header images it make your site being more attractive ... )
9. make a help page so members can send you a question and get a answer ( from controlpanel )
I´m testing a new flipbook I have done just now and will see that my members like it ...

I´m so sorry have so much to do but soon soon I´m back and make the ending of this tutorial.

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Re: how to make you own templates (for beginners)

Good start gugu...thanks for your work. Looking forward to your advanced tutor and more input. Maybe we can use your thread as a place for members to post their ideas about creating a new template.

If you created a template with your steps. I would love to see the final output.



Re: how to make you own templates (for beginners)

Well done.

We all must start somewhere.


Re: how to make you own templates (for beginners)

okey I will try to continue this tutorial soon ...

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