Topic: I need a little help to find the files to modify...

I am working on Italian translation (existing one is not correct...) and to learn about admin panel.
Moreover, I need to modify "Nightlife" template, so I would like that someone tell me which files I have to search and modify to:
1) delete site description and change site logo in the header
2) modify site background image
3) add a google 728x90 banner at the right side of site logo and "showing it only to logged in users"
4) add a google squared banner in left column and "showing it only to logged in users".

I am asking for this help because I absolutely need to migrate my site to vldpersonals next week, so any help that makes me to find quick solutions is very appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: I need a little help to find the files to modify...

Any help for item #1 at least?


Re: I need a little help to find the files to modify...

you have to go to your site.css in the /templates/nightlive/media
There you can see and change almost the whole look and feel thing.

Site dscription i think ... nut sure ... you find in header.tpl or homepage.tpl

Also you can go to your cp and change sitedescription.


Re: I need a little help to find the files to modify...

There are several ways to approach this.

1. Header -- I'm not familiar with your template so I will use a default template that comes with vldPersonals. In pink2 template, I could create my header and give it the same name as the default header. In pink2, the image file is in my template/media folder called header_bg.png. Please note it is a png file.

2. You could also create a header, name it what you want and make the necessary changes in the css file. In pink2 I would make this change at template/media/site.css file.  Look for this css code:

div#header {
        padding-top: 5px;
        height: 78px;
        background: #D20037 url('header_bg.png') no-repeat; }

As you can see, the background image is called header_bg.png. That is why if you do your header like suggested in #1, you don't have to worry about messing with css. Also, note the height..if you create a header, name it header_bg.png, than make sure it is 78px high or be sure to change the height in css for the header you create.

If you create a header with a different name, than make the appropriate changes in your CSS file.

3. Site back ground image - same file - site.css and find this code:

div#header_wrap {
    margin: 0px auto;
    padding: 10px 19px 0px 19px;
    width: 920px;
    background: url('content_bg.png') repeat-y; }

Make the changes you want.

I want to emphasized again, I'm using pink2 and not sure if the coding for your template is exactly the same but hopefully it points you in the right direction.

4. 728x90 banner...hmmm, I'm trying to picture this but I'm not sure. Hard for me to know without seeing your site or template. Are you talking about putting it in the header? Sorry, I'm a visual person and I'm not really sure unless you give me something to look at. Even a screen shot of where you want it may help.

5. Adding a banner to the left side should not be too difficult. I believe you have a template called sidebar.tpl. I would place the banner code there. If you look at your sidebar.tpl file you will see this code (pink2):

<div class="banner">{banners:group="sidebar"}</div>

Not sure if you will follow this but I will try.

If you understand how vldP works, the above coding is effective when you place the banner code in the CP with the group name of sidebar. You can call it what you want, but if you do, be sure to use the correct banner call with the correct name. If you put the banner code in the CP, you should be able to control who does or does not see it.

Another option is to place the banner code directly in the template. I don't recommend this, but for some it is an easier solution. If you do it this way, than where you see {banners:group="sidebar"} -- replace it with your banner code. As far as only log in users see it, wrap the code like this:

<!-- IF loggedin -->
<div class="banner">YOUR BANNER CODE HERE</div>
<!-- ENDIF -->

But, please check out the forum and learn more about how banners work. It is so much more effective if you learn how to use the CP to place your banners in your templates.

Here is a tutor I did for an older version but should be good enough for a guide: http://www.vldpersonals.com/forum/topic … l-license/

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Re: I need a little help to find the files to modify...

Thank you very much for spending your time to help me.
Really appreciated.