Topic: I want remove Powered by VLDPersonals

How make remove "Powered by VLDPersonals" because i have commercial license.
And how remove "{ext_page_content}.
My web page is matrimonialeadulti.ro


Re: I want remove Powered by VLDPersonals

Go to

Control panel - settings

Somewhere over there you can change it tongue


Re: I want remove Powered by VLDPersonals

1. Go to controlpanel, Click on settings, open the dropdown menu and choose "Look and feel"
look at the bottom, Show powered by link? Change it to No .

2. It is a templates from luvpoint and please read the document you get with the templates.
if you need to delete it from your templates , I think you can edit your header.tpl file
search after {ext_page_content}.(but a little warning ... it can mess up your site if you delete it !)

I don´t know how it´s works on your templates (but always make backup of the files you need to change first !)
if something goes wrong and you must restore it again ! Hope it can help you ...

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