Topic: Filtering URL and Emails from 2.5.x Messages

Ramil just did his thing to help me stop three type of spammers/hustlers to my site.

1. Female hustler who provides members her email account so they can hustle the poor soul on her own turf

2. Male hustlers (we have a few) who are equivalent to female hustlers promising the ladies a job, visa, etc for their precious pennies (I can't believe we have men trying to hustle poor Asian women).

3. Webmaster spammers who spam my site with their site URL to steal members.

Please see instructions on vldCrowd at: http://www.vldcrowd.com/member/8/blog/view/220/

Thanks Ramil...I know it took you some time to research and figure this out. I appreciate your support and effort.

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Re: Filtering URL and Emails from 2.5.x Messages

is it works on 2.5.6 ?