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For anyone wondering how to properly place your Google Adsense (or any top publicity), just add this code in header.tpl (be SURE to modify the correct file, I had the misfortune of editing a wrong file and ended up having my CP screwed all over and had to reupload every file)

<div style="float: right; padding-right: 20px; padding-top: 10px;">{banners:group="google"}</div>

Where banners:group="yourbannergroup" of course

If you're still wondering, here's how to create your ad groups :

cp>content>create a banner>paste your code into the text zone

I thought this might be useful for some people

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Re: AdSense in header.tpl - quick code

Dou have any idea which file should i edit to add google ads ,in the right site of latest news?


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Re: AdSense in header.tpl - quick code

I'm not sure, you should send Vlad a support ticket. You have to find where the news are called, in which file and how to add your banner group at their right. Shouldn't be too hard really.


Re: AdSense in header.tpl - quick code

Lol i was working on the file and now im having hard time finding the file...


Re: AdSense in header.tpl - quick code

Look at header.tpl and you will see the code for the side panel.  Look for something like <div id="sidebar_wrap"> and put  what you want in the sidebar  between the div's.

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Re: AdSense in header.tpl - quick code

could someone take a look at my page and help me out please?


the code i am using is in the header.tpl file
<div style="float: right; padding-right: 350px; padding-top: 10px;">{banners:group="google"}</div>
what i would like to do is place a second ad where the white space is.  but it would be a local ad
something like this
inside the div {banners:group="google"}{banners:group="local"}
however when i do this it puts them on separate lines and distorts my page.

basically i want to display two ad groups inside the same div all on the same line