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Most of you check manually in Control Pannel new profiles and you need often to delete them easy from one click.

In includes/templates/members_edit.tpl

Find this :

            <td class="gridTabs">
                <a href="#" onclick="row_switch('row_account');return false;">{lang:"members","edit_member"}</a> |
                <a href="#" onclick="row_switch('row_options');return false;">{lang:"members","options"}</a> |
                <a href="#" onclick="row_switch('row_notifications');return false;">{lang:"members","notifications"}</a> |
                <a href="#" onclick="row_switch('row_privacy');return false;">{lang:"members","privacy"}</a>

Add this just after:

<a class="grid" href="#" onclick="javascript:confirmLink('{lang:"members","delete?"}', '{top.virtual_cp_path}index.php?m=members&p=delete&id={member_id}&page={top.page}&s={ifelse:active,1,0,1}&sort={top.sort}&order={top.order}&group={top.group}&results={top.results}&status={top.status}')" title="{lang:"members","delete"}">
<img src="{top.virtual_path}includes/templates/media/rainbow/actions/delete.gif" alt="{lang:"members","delete"}" border="0" /></a>

Like this you get a bouton in the top while you edit his profile and where from you can quiqly delete member, whe you see some stupid profile.

2. If you want may Edit or Delete profile with one click while you just reading his public profile, no need to go in Control pannel, then open :


find this:

                                <!-- INCLUDE member_sections_name.tpl -->
                                <dl class="datainfo">
                                    <!-- INCLUDE member_sections_card.tpl -->

After, add this


<!-- IF session.group_id == "1" -->
<a class="grid" href="{top.virtual_cp_path}index.php?m=members&p=edit&id={member_id}" title="Edit">
<img src="{top.virtual_path}includes/templates/media/{top.cp_theme}/actions/edit.gif" alt="Edit profile" border="0" /></a>

<a class="grid" href="#" onclick="javascript:confirmLink('Delete profile ?', '{top.virtual_cp_path}index.php?m=members&p=delete&id={member_id}&page={top.page}&s={ifelse:active,1,0,1}&sort={top.sort}&order={top.order}&group={top.group}&results={top.results}&status={top.status}')" title="Delete">
<img src="{top.virtual_path}includes/templates/media/{top.cp_theme}/actions/delete.gif" alt="Delete Profile" border="0" /></a>
<!-- ENDIF -->

You like it ? Enjoy it.

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Re: Easy delete members or edit profile

nice solution [img]http://www.webbsupport.eu/image/thumb_up.gif[/img]


Re: Easy delete members or edit profile

Thank you so much Rombest! This is a nice little mod:)


Re: Easy delete members or edit profile

Hi rombest, very cool mod to help manage members, worked first go thanks again smile


Re: Easy delete members or edit profile

Must have done something wrong. What am I supposed to see?


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This forum section is for tutorials and tips only. Please DO NOT post technical support questions here. Use an appropriate forum section and link to a tutorial if necessary.

The sticky rules asks that you

Create a new topic for your tutorial question in the appropriate forum and place your link there to reference the tutorial thread.

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Re: Easy delete members or edit profile

I got it! VERY cool, Rombest.


Re: Easy delete members or edit profile

You are welcome guys. I love Vldpersonals .


Re: Easy delete members or edit profile

Where Rombest says Add this just after, I've added this

<!-- IF member_id -->
                <a class="grid" href="#" onclick="javascript:confirmLink('{lang:"members","spammer?"}', '{top.virtual_cp_path}index.php?m=members&p=spammer&id={member_id}&s={ipaddress}')">{lang:"members","spammer"}</a> |
            <!-- ELSE -->
            <!-- ENDIF -->
            <!-- IF ipaddress_banned -->
                <a class="grid" href="#" onclick="javascript:confirmLink('{lang:"members","unbanip?"}', '{top.virtual_cp_path}index.php?m=members&p=unbanip&id={member_id}&s={ipaddress}')">{lang:"members","unbanip"}</a> |
            <!-- ELSE -->
                <a class="grid" href="#" onclick="javascript:confirmLink('{lang:"members","banip?"}', '{top.virtual_cp_path}index.php?m=members&p=banip&id={member_id}&s={ipaddress}')">{lang:"members","banip"}</a> |
            <!-- ENDIF -->
                                <a class="grid" href="#" onclick="javascript:confirmLink('{lang:"members","delete?"}', '{top.virtual_cp_path}index.php?m=members&p=delete&id={member_id}&page={top.page}&s={ifelse:active,1,0,1}&sort={top.sort}&order={top.order}&group={top.group}&results={top.results}&status={top.status}')" title="{lang:"members","delete"}">{lang:"members","delete"}</a>

It gives me the | Spammer | Ban IP | Delete member options


Re: Easy delete members or edit profile

It is nice feature but it did not seem to work for 2.5.5. I tried it but the system could not find {member_id}. Can somebody help? thanks

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Re: Easy delete members or edit profile

Two questions for you Rombest:

1) how do you add a second group to this IF statement? <!-- IF session.group_id == "1" -->
I want to allow moderators that I assign, to be able to edit/delete profiles on the front end.
Problem is that both functions take them into the control panel where I might not want them.

2) can this function be used in the pictures and videos pages?



Re: Easy delete members or edit profile

1. i may be wrong but i think they will have to go in control pannel after deleteing member from members profiles page

2. I do not know0 sorry.


Re: Easy delete members or edit profile


I know this post is a little old, but still very useful. I entered the codes in the right places, but they both give back error messages saying "Invalid member ID." Im using 2.5.7.

Thanks alot great mod!


Re: Easy delete members or edit profile

And what is your member_id? You can see it hovering link looking at browser status bar or at address bar after click.