Topic: How to make a Canceled member page with Feedback form

This post will show you how to create a new page that is displayed after someone cancels their account.
The page also includes a feedback form to collect information and email the information to the admin.

Create a Cancel page to:
Find out why members canceled their account
Help you make your site better?
Identify members that harass other members

Step 1 – Create your new cancel page:
In the control panel
[Settings]---»  [Content]---» [manage pages] ---»  select the Group for your new page
[General]----»  [add page]
Name * ----» the name of your new page (example: Canceled Membership)
Label * ----» the label of your new page (no spaces or underscores, example: cancel)
Page ----» enter your content if you are NOT adding a feedback form
Group ----»  select the group this page belongs to
Custom template ---»  page_default23

Special Notes
* = required entry

If you're NOT adding a feedback form, goto Step 5 and do not remove the {page content} call.
You can enter your content in the text box of the new cancel page in the control panel

Step 2 - Create your feedback Form:
Go to formmail-maker
Click [Get My Form] to Create your new form
Your Email: ----»  the Admin email address to send the form answers to
Subject: ----»  enter the subject of the email sent to you
Display text: ----» question or text to display for field type
Field type: ----» select the field type you want
(+): ----» select from 16 different predetermined answers
Click the option you want then click [insert Option]
(remove the Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3 example text)
Close option box and your answers are inserted in the field value
Field value: -----» these are your answer choices
Instruction:----» add any other additional information for that question
Required: -----» check if field input is required
Click [Show More Options]
Confirmation Message: ----» Thank you
Redirect To link: ----» http://www.your_website.com
Click [Create & Download form]

[Download Form]
save the my-form zip file to your local drive
unzip your my-form files
the unzipped file will have 3 files

Step 3 -  Upload the 3 form-mail files to a new folder on your server:
example http://www.your_website.com/cancel/

Step 4 -   Embed your form into your new vldPersonal cancel page:
Download 'page_default.tpl' from your 'templates/your_template' folder
rename 'page_default.tpl ---» to 'page_default23'
Edit your 'page_default23.tpl' and insert the embed code. 

Remove this call:

{page content}

insert this code:

<iframe src="http://www.your_website.com/cancel/form.php" style="width:480px;height:600px;border:none;"></iframe>

where 'cancel' is the name of the folder you uploaded the 3 files to.

upload your new 'page_default23' to your 'templates/your_template' folder

Step 5 - Redirect members that canceled their account:

Edit your 'lib.account_privacy.php' file located in your 'includes/lib' folder

around line 305 remove this code:

$TEMPLATE->set_message("info", ($LANG['privacy']['cancelled']), 0, 0);
redirect(VIR_PATH . ($PREFS->conf['fancy_urls'] ? "account/login/" : "index.php?m=account_login"));

insert this code

redirect( VIR_PATH . ($PREFS->conf['fancy_urls'] ? "page/general/cancel" : "page/general/cancel") );

where "page/general/cancel" is the name of your new cancel page 

we are done

Create a new account then cancel the account to test your new cancel page and feedback form.
Also check your admin email to ensure the form data was received.

now when members cancel their account you can get feedback why they canceled.

***please post any questions about this tutorial in the Design and Customization Forum***

*** for form related questions please visit the formmail-maker site ***

***for iframe related questions please visit <iframe> ***

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Re: How to make a Canceled member page with Feedback form


Can somebody help with this?

I have followed the instructions line by line, but I couldn't get it to  work.  I'm using 2.5.5

If I click the link on cpanel for the page, I can see the page, but when I login as a member and click on the privacy link to cancel the account, I get a blank page.

Any help is appreciate it.

Thanks All

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Re: How to make a Canceled member page with Feedback form

Great mod! Thanks smile