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OK, I am learning the program over the past two days and am getting my head wrapped around fairly well...  Very clean and powerful script, but a little bit a learning curve... I love it!

My problem... I am setting up a custom homepage that changes after someone logs in.  I am trying to do it quick and easy for now but setting up a IF call to two different HTML sections on the homepage depending on whether the user is logged in or not, when they log in the page redirects.

I set it up with a large .gif file for my homepage graphic before user is logged in, which is then supposed to dissapear when they log in, and there is the strange problem...

It will NOT load the .gif file... it works perfectly, and will load everything else but the .gif ... I dont know if it is something is the css that is preventing it or what...

Any Ideas???? I will insert code below...  and thanks in advance for any help.... I will be contributing a nice java dropdown menu bar mod after I get my site up and get done modifying the menu bar for VLD...

Thanks again...  here's the code I'm using...

<!-- INCLUDE header.tpl -->

<!-- IF loggedin == "0" -->
<table width="800" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<img src="media/homepage_splash.gif" width=474 height=210 border=0 alt="">


    <div class="quicksearch">
    <div class="clear"></div>

I have the proper  <!-- ENDIF --> and and the footer below the next call, but it will not pull the .gif above.


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Re: Help pulling a graphic on homepage

please DO NOT post entire page code on the public forum

just the parts you need help with

Please edit your post


Re: Help pulling a graphic on homepage

have a look in your 'header.tpl'
this tag:

<div id="header_wrap">
    <div id="header">

will display this element:

div#header_wrap {
    height: 110px;
    background: url("head.jpg") no-repeat }

where 'head.jpg' is the graphic image located in your 'templates/your_template/media' folder

also the path to your graphic is missing



where 'image' is the graphic image located in your 'templates/your_template/media' folder

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Re: Help pulling a graphic on homepage

Not sure we are all on the same page here, but by looking at his coding I don't think he is using CSS for a background image. Maybe he should. If not, here is my input. Try instead:

<img src="{virtual_tpl_path}{session.template}/media/homepage_splash.gif" width=474 height=210 border=0 alt="">

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Re: Help pulling a graphic on homepage

That worked perfectly... Thank You!

I'm starting to understand the calls and how everything works together now...

Thanks again,



Re: Help pulling a graphic on homepage

Yep, I have nothing to add. Seeme and Dan said right things.

If you have your file in yourtemplate's media folder do what they said.
If you don't have it there place it there.

In your case you are using 'media/file.gif'
So when you are in yourwebsite.com/ full filepath is http://yourwebsite.com/media/file.gif and probably there is no such file in your website root/media/ folder.

If you move to yousite.com/account/home/ full filepath becomes http://yoursite.com/account/home/media/file.gif

BUT when you set absolute path (not relative as you did) {virtual_tpl_path}{session.template}/media/file.gif
full path to your file will be constant: http://yourwebsite.com/templates/webby2/media/file.gif