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Personally, I feel this is an oversight. If there is one thing that drives me positively batty it's being the admin and being told that I can't make changes to an account because a certain required field has not been answered. I'm the admin, dammit!!!! If I want to make changes to an account such as changing a subscriber's membership level, then I should be able to make that change without having to ensure that the required fields that weren't yet filled in by a user are filled in!!!

I'll probably look for the code somewhere, which should make an exception with an if statement for an admin or moderator.


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Please remember as admin, YOU are the one that made that field required.

You may edit your offending required field by changing

Required [Yes]


Required [No]

for that field

edit your entry then change the "Required" back to [Yes] if you like


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Very quick seeme101. smile Thanks... but....

Yes... all of us KNOW we made the field required!!! Here's the huge problem. You require only the first 10 fields to be filled out first. The user fills those out, clicks the email confirm and when the user returns, they are supposed to fill in the rest of their profile, including 10 other required fields. Sometimes a user may return but not fill out the remaining parts of their profile. You want to change something in their profile be it censoring text of a valid profile, changing a membership to a different level, etc. The problem is that I WANT those fields to be required but I have to wait for the user to come back and fill them out before I, the administrator, can edit their profile!!!

Here is the code that needs changing: cp.members.php:

            // Validate the value
            if ($field['field_required']  &&  ($field['field_type'] != "image"  &&  $field['field_value'] == ""  ||  $field['field_type'] == "image"  &&  (!$field['field_old_value'] && (!isset($field['field_value']['name']) || !$field['field_value']['name']))))
                $TEMPLATE->set_message("error", str_replace("%1%", $field['field_name'], ($LANG['members']['empty_field'])), 0, 0);
                return 0;

In this code, I need to figure out the way to make a call to see if the user is not the admin, then perform this validation rule. In templates it looks like this: <!-- IF loggedin_group_id == "1" --> but this is not for php. I have to figure out how you parse the information and I'm looking into it now.

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I agree with your concerns, Slinky, admin is not the same as member and admin doesn't have to do member's work.

And I have good news for you. You can just comment that part of code you displayed by /* code here */ comments because it's CP php code and regular members don't have access to cp.

Regular members served by lib.account_register.php, lib.account_profile.php


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or that way smile


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LOL - yes, I don't know why I didn't think of that, lol. I didn't want to remove all the validation and realized that I needed to comment out the beginning and change the elseif to just an IF. Thanks much - as most can attest to, this validation hiccup can be extremely irritating when trying to administrate your own site and users haven't finished completing their profiles! Thanks guys.


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smile This is what I did about 2 years ago at my first vldPersonals website smile


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radioact wrote

smile This is what I did about 2 years ago at my first vldPersonals website smile

Thanks again for your assistance. And yes, perhaps you used the same base that I did and provided for the custom work. It can be identified immediately on anyone's site via the front end. wink   As I said a long time ago, this should have been built into the software or provided as an optional addition. Fortunately I have figured out a way to make it work perfectly with the new version with minimal hassles.

The only other challenge I am having now is that accounts_messages has changed and it has screwed up my SMS alerts hack!!! Working on fixing that now... not easy...


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hmm useful idea smile


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Trouble is, these are just quick work-arounds, and over time they become a tangled mess which makes upgrading a daunting task. cost = 2c


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Good idea indeed, but I go with Fatlizard.
I'm now stuck forever with 253 because of the heavy modifications on includes and template code.
VLD should be more module based. Or yes, there was an intention to have many extensions to plugin as you can see on the extensions download page, but unfortunate, that intention was left...

VLD will benefit ($$$) from working upgrades, because users will buy new licenses. Also, if there are many compatible extensions for sale, it would benefit the users and the VLD developers.

Just think about it guys...