vldPersonals has reached the end-of-life cycle. See how to upgrade to our new and much improved product.

Upgrade to DatingScript

vldPersonals has reached the end of life cycle and is no longer being developed.
If you’re looking to buy a dating software, please have a look at our new and much improved product.
If you’re an existing customer please see the notes below.

vldPersonals has reached its end-of-life cycle

vldPersonals has reached its end-of-life cycle and has been replaced by DatingScript. We will continue to support vldPersonals software and release necessary bug fixes and security updates only until October 30th. You do not have to upgrade to DatingScript if you don’t want to (though we strongly suggest that you do upgrade). Please note however that there will be no support offered and no new features released for vldPersonals.

What is DatingScript?

DatingScript is the next version of vldPersonals. It has been created from scratch using the latest technologies and industry standards. Because it is so much different from vldPersonals, we have decided to release it as a new product instead of an update for the current vldPersonals version.

You may learn more about it at its official website.

Why upgrade?

DatingScript contains all of the same features vldPersonals has to offer, plus:

  • Completely redesigned database and file structure
  • Fully responsive templates with mobile support
  • Timeline with latest user activities
  • Facebook and Twitter login integration
  • Geo database with search by distance
  • Geolocation and geocoding modules with user location detection
  • And much more!

Will I be able to migrate my data?

Yes, we have created a migration wizard that will copy all of your users, private messages, pictures and other data to DatingScript. Of course, we’re happy to assist you with the migration as well.

How much is the upgrade?

You may upgrade to DatingScript for $49.95 This is a 75% discount off the original retail price of the DatingScript software. You will receive access to DatingScript Professional with 3 months of free updates.

How can I upgrade

To upgrade head over to the client area, click on the license you would like to upgrade, and then click on the “Upgrade to DatingScript” link. Upon purchase, you will be able to login to the DatingScript client area using your current vldPersonals email address and password.